1993 Macau Grande Premio (Grand Prix) 100P Silver Coin


*Highly sought after Macau Grand Prix collectable coin.

Specifications 1 oz Silver:

  • Material: .925 Silver
  • Finish: Proof
  • Weight: 31.10 gm
  • Diameter: 38 mm
  • Face Value: 100 Patacas
  • Mintage: 5,000

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1993 Macau Grande Premio (Grand Prix)
1993 issues celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the popular Macau Grand Prix.

Coins were issued in both Gold and Silver. The 100 Patacas Silvers have a mintage of 5,000 pieces and are quickly bought up whenever they appear in the market place. The 500 Patacas Gold are seldom seen for sale. Both are highly collectable prizes and prices continue to raise on sight. A 5 oz Silver was relised with a mintage of 2,000. Many of these were mishandled and aquiring a piece in pristine condition is a bonus. 1993’s most rare issue is the 5 oz Gold Grand Prix. It is very rare to see this for sale in any market. A recent sale PF64 with multiple damage sold for Usd $ 13,600.

Macau Grand Prix
imageThe Macau Grande Premio series began in 1978 with issuance of the 25th Anniversary commemorative 100 Patacas silver and 500 Patacas Gold. A very limited number est. 10 Platinum 100 Patacas commemoratives were also issued to mark this auspicious event.

Ten years later in 1988 Macau again issued Grande Premio commemoratives to celebrate the running of the 35th races. Again a 100 Patacas silver and 500 Patacas gold were issued. For the first time a 5 oz silver was introduced. Also a very rare a beautiful 12 oz silgold was minted.

In 1993, the coins issued portayed both the car and moto grand prix’s on the obverse of the commemoratives. The 100 Patacas and 500 Patacas in this year a re particularly hard to find and highly sought after. Again 5 oz coins were minted in both silver and gold.

The popularity of the Macau Grande Premio series is ever growing as it continues to provide interesting turnups. For instance, the 1978 issueance comes with a surprise Copper-nickle pattern coin. Est is 12 however, recent history indicates the are up to fifty coins spotted in the market to date. Still it is a rare coin that commands high prices at auctions.

As noted earlier, 1988 issueance produced up to 10 Platinum 100 Patacas pieces. Also, in this year a silver 10,000 Patacas which looks to be a trail strike of the 5 oz gold. To date there has only been sigting with the pattern selling for a hefty price at auction in 2012.

The final issueance to date and again adding another twist to this interesting series. 2015 saw the issueance of a Macau Grande Prix medal in celebration of the first Macau International coin show. 1000 pieces were minted each displaying it’s unique number on the medal. Combining Macau to the Motherland China it was only right that on the obverse of this medal would display two Pandas along side Macau famous Ruins of St. Paul’s World Heritage Site.

Incredably, coins numbered 001 in both silver and gold were auctioned off in Macu in December of 2014. The silver sold for USD$ 24,500 and the Gold for 34,500.


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