2019 Art of Chinese Calligraphy Silver 10 Yuan Commemorative Coin (Jun Zi)

Most attractive coins celebrating China’s official script

  • Material: .999 Pure Silver
  • Weight: 30gm
  • Diameter: 40mm
  • Face Value: 10 Yuan
  • Mintage: 20,000
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2019 Art of Chinese Calligraphy (Official Script) Silver 10 Yuan Commemorative Coin (Jun Zi)

Design of the coin:

Obverse design:
The silver commemorative coin bears the common obverse of the bronze inscription “中国”(China),the decorative design of bronzeware motifs, the title of P.R.C. and the year date.

Reverse design:
The reverse of the 30g round silver coin features part of The Hexagram Qian of I Ching of Qing Dynasty, in particular the words jun zi (gentleman), the bamboo designs of Qing Dynasty, the seal stamp “the Art of Chinese Calligraphy”, the words “the Art of Chinese Calligraphy, Qing Dynasty, Deng Shiru, the Hexagram Qiann of I Ching” and the face value.

Specifications and mintage of the coin:
The 30g silver coin is proof in quality, 40mm in diameter, 10 Yuan in face value, 99.9% in fineness and contains 30 grams of pure silver. The total mintage is 20000 pieces.

This set of gold and silver commemorative coins are minted by Shenzhen Guobao Mint Co., Ltd and Shanghai Mint Co., Ltd,