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Macau Grand Prix Coin Record Sales
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  The popularity, interest and price rises continue to surge with Macau Grand Prix items. Most recently the rare Macau three coin Pattern Gold, Bronze with standard Silver set sold for Usd $13,200 including Buyer commissions. A similar set sold … Read More

Chinese Rare Medals Star List
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Chinese Rare Medals Star List Modern Chinese Coins and Medals: (Rare and Scarce) Like the title indicates. Modern Chinese coins and medals have a mystic all their own. In just the Panda series along. There are many different designs and … Read More

Chinese Silver and Gold Panda History
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Chinese Panda coins are bullion and proof issued coins produced by the Peoples Republic of China.Chinese Panda Coins were first Issued in the Year 1982 with the first Gold Panda coin. Although no denomination was listed on the Panda. The … Read More

Why We Sell & What We Buy
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Why We Sell & What We Buy Our motto is “we like to sell what we like to own”. Many would say. Why sell at all? We sell because we like to trade, deal and upgrade our purchases as well. … Read More

Modern Asian Coins and Medals Gallery
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Category Archives: Coin & Medal Category Here you will find a photo galleries of many items in our stock. Thanks for visiting Modern Asian Coins and Medals Gallery and Please feel free to enquire.

Chinese Gold Panda Promotional
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Chinese Gold pandas The Chinese Gold panda Series began in 1982. It remains one of the most collected of Gold coin series. Uniquely, it makes changes to the reverse (panda side) each year. Sizes as of 1983 have been 1oz, … Read More