2020 New Year Celebration Commemorative 10 Yuan Coin

Specifications: (Circulated Coins)

Material: Copper alloy
Type: Circulated
Diameter: 27mm
Face Value: 10 Yuan
Mintage: 250,000,000

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2020 New Year Celebration Commemorative 10 Yuan Coin

Design of the Coin

Obverse Design:
The obverse is patterned with Chinese words of “the People’s Bank of China”, “10 Yuan” and its Pinyin of “SHIYUAN”, and the year “2020”, shading with flowers.

Reverse Design:
The main design on the reverse is a traditional paper-cutting artistic rat combined the elements of Chinese New Year painting. A palace lantern and grapes are shown above. The left side is the Chinese word called “Geng Zi”, which is the Chinese traditional year name of 2020, the year of rat.

Denomination, Specification, Materials, and Mintage:
The round coin is made of two-coloured copper alloy, 27mm in diameter, 10 Yuan in face value. The mintage is 250 million pieces.

The two-coloured copper alloy commemorative coin is distributed after appointment by two batches.The coin has the same function of the current circulated RMB. It is circulated in the currency market with the same denomination as the ordinary 10 Yuan notes.