1993 Macau Grand Prix 500 Patacas 5oz Silver Proof Coin

Specifications: (1993 40th Anniversary 5oz Silver Proof)

  • Material: .999 Pure Silver
  • Finish: Proof
  • Weight: 5 oz
  • Diameter: 65.00 mm
  • Face Value: 500 Patacas
  • Mintage: 2,000
  • Type: Crown Size
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The 1993 Macau Grand Prix 500 Patacas 5oz Silver Proof Coin was issued in commemoration of the “40th Anniversary of the Macau Grand Prix” formula car and motorcycle GP.

This scarcely offered silver 5oz special “Crown Size” coin comes with its original mint issued blue box and 1993 certificate of authenticity.

The reverse displays the 40th Grande Premio and face value of 500 Patacas.  It features the detailed formula race car above a finishing flag checkered design dividing the Grand Prix motor cycle and rider below. The Chinese characters for “Macau” are on the sides of the checkered Flag.

The obverse side depicts an identical struck Map of the Macau Grand Prix racing circuit. The Chinese characters for 40th Anniversary of Macau Grand Prix as well as 500 Patacas value. The dates 1954-93 with Circuito Da Guia MACAU.


More information on Macau Grand Prix coins:
Macau Coins have been steadily rising even during a drop in precious metals prices. Macau Grand Prix coins and medals recently made headlines with one once silvers and golds selling in the thousands. These Silver and Gold Macau Grand Prix coins are the first issued for highly popular yearly Macau Grand Prix and are highly sought after by collectors and investors alike. The famous Macau Grand Prix is said to be a stepping stone to the world of Formula 1 Grand Prix racing. Past winners include, Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, David Coulthard and a host of other top F1 drivers.

The popularity of the Macau Grande Premio series is ever growing as it continues to provide interesting turn-ups. For instance, the 1978 issue comes with a surprise Copper-nickle pattern coin. Est mintage is under 100. Still it is a rare coin that commands high prices at auctions.

The Macau 1988 Anniversary issue produced up to 10 Platinum 100 Patacas pieces. Also, minted in 1988 was a 5oz silver 10,000 Patacas which looks to be a trail strike of the 5 oz gold. To date there has only been two pieces sighted. A 1988 5oz Silver Pattern sold for a commanding price at Heritage Auction House in New York in 2012.

The 1993 Macau Grand Prix 500 Patacas 5oz Silver Proof Coins were issued in commemoration of the 40th Anniversary. A one ounce silver and two 5 ounce coin designs were struck. One Crown Size in Silver and the rarely seen Sovereign Size Gold. All three of these 93 issues are well sought after and hard to acquire.

Macau Grand Prix series were again issued in 2014. Adding another twist to this interesting series, a collection of Gold, Silver and Platinum Macau Grande Prix medals were issued in celebration of the inaugural Macau International coin show. Just over a thousand in total were minted each displaying it’s unique number on the medal. Combining Macau to the Motherland China it was only right that on the obverse of this medal would display two Pandas along side Macau famous Ruins of St. Paul’s World Heritage Site. With the reverse side keeping with the Grand Prix racing cars.

Notably, another sales record was set when coins numbered 001 in both silver and gold were auctioned off at the Macau Coin Show. The silver sold for Usd $24,500 and the Gold issue selling for $34,500.

The year 2015 continues the series with Grand Prix/Panda medals again issued for the Macau Coin Society Show. This time in addition to the Silver, Gold and Platinum issues. A rare Copper-Nickel piece was issued with an estimate of only 100 pieces struck.

So. who knows whats in store for attractive and highly successful collectors series. Only time will tell…