Chinese Lunar Coins & Medals

Chinese Lunar are desired collectables throughout the world. Each Year a new animal is pictured on coins and medals in celebration of the New Year.

Chinese Gold Lunar

Chinese Lunar Gold. From the 1st Chinese Rooster coin. The Gold Lunars are treasures to own. Having even one in a collection symbolizes good fortune.

Chinese Lunar 15g (Silver 1st Series)

Chinese Silver Lunar 15g Proof 1st Series. The first series set and most desired of Lunar silver collectables. (1981-1992)

Chinese Lunar Silver (Piedforts)

The wider Piedforts have their special place in collectors hearts. There beautiful proof designs and with the heavier weight make them a real treat to hold in ones palm. (1988-1999)

Chinese (Plum Blossom) Silver Lunar

Chinese (Plum Blossom) Silver Lunar, also known as the Scallop Lunar and The Flower Shaped. These beautiful designs come with some of the lowest mintages of all MCC coins. Only 6,800 were minted in the first series of three series to date.

Chinese Silver (FAN) Lunars

Chinese (FAN) Silver Lunars are designed as a set that forms a twelve character circle. When all the 12 Lunars are collected they make a perfect circle that oddly fits around the Gold or Silver 5oz Lunars.

Chinese (Colored) Silver Lunar

Chinese Silver (Colored) Lunars. These have become increasingly popular among Chinese collectors. Some are commanding high prices in the market due to there low mintages and availability in the markets.