5 x 2012 Macau Series III Silver Dragon Coin

2012年澳門年生肖紀念銀幣,面值20澳門元,重量31.10克,成色999%,精製鏡面,發行量6000,KM 162

*Award Winning Coin

Specifications: (5x 2012 Macau Silver Lunar Coins)

  • 5 x Coins sold in this listing
  • Material: .999 Fine Silver
  • Finish: Proof
  • Weight: 31.10gm
  • Diameter: 40.70mm
  • Face Value: 20 Patacas
  • Mintage: 6,000
  • KM# 162


5 x 2012年澳門年生肖紀念銀幣,面值20澳門元

The 2012 Macau lunar Dragon has been awarded 2nd prize of the International Prize Palladio, for the finest architectural coin minted in 2012.

2012 Macau Series III Silver Dragon Coin

The “Vicenza Palladio” International Prize is given to the coin that that has the best architectural representation. This year 2012 Macau lunar Dragon has been chosen for its interpretation of the Senado Square view, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is part of historic centre of Macau. The square has been depicted with perfect architectural perspective. The palace facades, the fountain and floor are full of details and the surfaces and reliefs show different finishing

Bearing significance in Chinese culture the Dragon is presented in a Chinese calligraphy style. The bold curves of the Dragon’s body follow the fluid strokes of how the Chinese character for Dragon is written in calligraphy.

The Dragon resides in the heavens and this celestial connection is accentuated by the oriental cloud motif on the right half of the coin. Clouds add to the auspiciousness of this coin as they represent good luck. Repeated in a continuous pattern, the clouds form a blanket of endless fortune.

Emulating a convivial atmosphere all year round, the Senado Square is a popular tourist attraction where major events and celebrations are held. Neo-classical buildings painted in cherry, pastel colors line the streets, creating a Mediterranean feel.

A total of 6,000 pieces were to be minted. The coin is struck by the Singapore Mint and distributed by the Mint and the Macao Monetary Authority.

The 2012 Macau Dragon as well as the 2010 Tiger are the key coins in the Macao Lunar Commemorative Coin Series