1996 China Silver Munich International Coin Show Panda Medal


*Scarcely offered in this Grade. Semi-Key Panda Medal in Munich Panda Medal Collectors Set!


Specifications: (1996 Munich Coin Show Panda)

  • Material: .999 Pure Silver
  • Finish: Proof
  • Weight: 31.10 gm
  • Diameter: 39.00 mm
  • Face Value: Medal
  • Mintage: 2,500

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1996 China Silver Munich International Coin Show Panda Medal



Munich Coin Show Pandas

The Popular Munich Panda series began in 1988 with a Gold 1 oz Panda. The first 1 oz silver panda was minted for the Munich International coin fair in 1990.

The silver panda series runs from 1990-1997, all commemoratives are .999 silver and display Pandas in their natural environment with Munich heritage displays on the obverse. Larger Silver Pandas were also issued starting in 1988 with the release of a 5 oz version. It followed with a massive and very low mintage Kilo Panda medal in 1994 and finished with a 12 oz issued in 1997 the final year of these consecutive Munich Panda Show set issues.

The Gold Munich Panda medal series runs from 1988 until 1997 with the 1989 through 1997 being half ounce gold Pandas. The exceptions of the years 1988 where a 1 ounce Gold medal issued and the year 1986 where a stunning bimetallic-medal 1/4 oz Gold- 1/8 oz Silver Panda was issued.

These impressive Munich Coin Show medals are made unique by the fact that they were issued at the Munich Show targeting German and European collectors. However, today they have a strong following worldwide. European, American and Asian investors and collectors are eager to acquire these Show Panda medals.

Many of these medals come with equally impressive Panda boxes, that in their own right may well become collectibles some day. Please inquire if we have in stock.

No Chinese Panda medals can be complete without these illustrious Munich Show Panda Medals!



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