Chinese Rare Medals Star List

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Chinese Rare Medals Star List

Modern Chinese Coins and Medals: (Rare and Scarce)

Like the title indicates. Modern Chinese coins and medals have a mystic all their own. In just the Panda series along. There are many different designs and varieties to attract investor and collector interests. In addition the ultra low mintage’s of the many other categories like Unicorn, Lunars, Historical, Tradition and Cultural, as well as Olympic and other sports coins and medals.

In recent year the Peoples Republic of China has emerged as an Economic and Social powerhouse. Up until the last decade few in China could effort a gold panda set. Today the populations economic growth has made the Chinese gold panda sets and other multiply by thousand of dollar value.

As in art, porcelain and other collectables. The low mintage and historical importance of many Modern Chinese items is sure to advance into the future as the domestic and global markets realize the potential of these rare and scarce precious medals. Below is a list of some rare coins and medals in the cultural categories.  

Huang Ruiyong Star**** (Ranking) List of Modern Chinese Coins and Medals Medals.

Huang Ruiyong is one of the pioneers of Modern Chinese Coins and Medals. He has published two lists, one for coins with denominated face value and another for medals (no face value). Below are lists of these items that serve as a guide for investing in some of Modern Chinese rare, scare and most sought after precious medals.
Large Size (5oz and above)Gold Medals
★★★★★☆ Religion
1987 5 tael God of Longevity gold pattern
★★★★★ Money
1990 15oz Great Tang Dynasty Vault Protector
★★★★★ Religion
1989 5oz Guanyu, 1990 5oz Buddha of the Heavenly Temple, 1995 5oz 30th Anniversary of Tibet
★★★★★ Sports
1996 5oz Winter Asian Games
★★★★☆ Money
1982 10oz Xianfeng Zhong Bao
★★★★ Religion
1987 5 tael God of Longevity, 1989 5oz Guanyin, 1989 5 tael God of Wealth, 1989 5 tael God of War and Wealth
★★★★ Politics
1994 5oz Achievements of the Special Economic Zone
★★★☆ Religion
1987 12oz God of Longevity (Shenyang Mint )
★★★ Foreign Expo
1987 5oz Tongtong (Tokyo Expo)
★★★ Politics
1993 5oz 100th Anniversary of Mao Zedong (Shanghai Mint)
Gold Medals under 2oz
★★★★★☆ Religion
1981 Reclining Buddha of the Jade Temple at the Bund of Shanghai
★★★★☆ Politics
1992 Singapore Great Wall Restoration
★★★★ Religion
1990 1/4oz Buddha of the Heavenly Temple, 1996 1/10oz Peony of Luoyang, 1997 1/10oz Peony of Luoyang
★★★★ Lunar
1989 1/10oz Rapid Horse – Fangsong Horse Money
★★★★ Foreign Expo
1988 Hong Kong Expo, 1988 97th ANA , 1988 Basel Expo medal “Au” version, 1988 Basel Expo medal “Pt” version, 1990 Zurich Expo, 1992 1/10oz Normalization of Sino-Japanese Relations, 1996 bimetal Munich, 1997 Munich 1/2oz Gold Medal
★★★★ Arts
1978 1.5oz Hong Kong Exhibition of Unearthed Cultural Relics (National Arts&Crafts Corp)
★★★☆ Money
1985 1/10oz Baoyuan Vault Protector, 1990 1oz Baoyuan Vault Protector
★★★☆ Foreign Expo
1987 1/20 oz Tokyo Expo (Tongtong), 1987 New York Expo, 1988 San Francisco Expo, 1988 New Orleans Expo, 1988 Munich, 1989 1/ 2Hong Kong Expo, 1989 1/10oz Tokyo Expo (Youyou), 1990 bimetal Hong Kong Expo
★★★☆ Landscape
1979 Beijing Scenery
★★★ Money
1990 1/10oz Bring in Wealth and Treasure
★★★ Religion
1995 1/10oz Wensu Buddha, 1995 1/4oz Guanyin Buddha (Shanghai Mint), 1995 1/10oz Amitabha, Sakyamuni, Medicine Buddha medal set (Shenyang Mint )
★★★ Foreign Expo
1987 San Francisco Expo, 1987 New Orleans Expo, 1989 Munich, 1990 Munich, 1991 bimetal Hong Kong Expo, 1991 Munich, 1992 Munich, 1993 Munich, 1994 Munich, 1995 Munich
★★★ Arts
1995 1/10oz Valentine’s Day (Shanghai Mint), 1995 1/10oz Mother’s Day (Shenyang Mint ), 1996 1/10oz Valentine’s Day (Shenzhen Mint), 1996 1/10oz Valentine’s Day (Shanghai Mint), 1996 1/10oz Mother’s Day (Shenzhen Mint)
★★★ Sports
1995 43th World Table Tennis Championship medal set (Shanghai Mint)
★★★ Politics
1980 14 gram Hong Kong-Beijing Direct Flight (National Arts&Crafts Corp), 1981 Lu Xun (National Arts&Crafts Corp), 1981 70 Anniversary of the 1911 Xinhai Revolution (National Arts&Crafts Corp), 1989 1/10oz 1st Anniversary of Hainan Province (Shenyang Mint ), 1994 Achievements of the Special Economic Zone, 1994 1/4oz Unity of All the Nationalities (Shanghai Mint)
★★ Religion
1987 1/4oz Mazu, 1988 1/4oz Sakyamuni Buddha, 1988 1/4oz Guanyin Buddha, 1989 1/4oz Maitreya, 1989 1/4oz Liu Hai Plays with the Golden Toad, 1989 1/4oz Guanyu, 1994 1/10oz Four Sacred Mountains of Buddhism medal set (Shanghai Mint)
★★ Lunar
1996 1/10oz gold +1/14oz silver Year of Mouse bimetal (Shanghai Mint), 1997 Year of Ox bimetal (Shanghai Mint), 1998 Year of Tiger bimetal (Shanghai Mint), 1999 Year of Rabbit bimetal (Shanghai Mint), 2000 Year of Dragon bimetal (Shanghai Mint), 2001 Year of Snake bimetal (Shanghai Mint)
★★ Foreign Expo
1987 Tongtong, 1989 1/4oz New York Expo
★★ Arts
1/10oz Happy Birthday (Shanghai Mint), 1994 1/ 3oz Mei Lanfang
★★ Sports
1979 Fourth Sports Games, 1995 1/4oz Mao Zedong Teaches Pingpong (Shenyang Mint )
★ Traditional Culture
1995 1/10oz Mausoleum of Da Yu (Shanghai Mint)
★ Finance
1996 1/10oz 3rd Anniversary of the Pudong Development Bank (Shanghai Mint)
★ Sports
1994 1/4oz 15th World Cup Soccer Game (Shanghai Mint)
★ Politics
1994 1/10oz Zhou Enlai (Shanghai Mint), 1994 1/4oz Mao Zedong (Shanghai Mint), 1995 1/10oz PLA medal set (Shanghai Mint)
Silver Medals
★★★★★☆ Traditional Culture
1982 3.3 tael Great Wall first release(mirror proof), 1987 3.3 tael Great Wall second release
★★★★★☆ Landscape
1981 1/4oz Guangzhou Scenery medal set
★★★★★☆ Sports
1981 36th World Table Tennis Championship
★★★★★ Finance
1987 3.3 tael Opening of the China Coins Limited
★★★★☆ Religion
1980 12.7 gram Jianzhen medal set
★★★★☆ Traditional Culture
1985 15 gram 60th Anniversary of the Palace Museum
★★★★☆ Foreign Expo
1985 94th ANA, 1994 kilo Munich, 1997 12oz Munich
★★★★☆ Finance
1990 Hong Kong Bank of China Tower Completion, 1992 24 gram Macao Bank of China, 1992 Hong Kong Bank of China Tower, 1992 Bank of China Hong Kong Branch Office
★★★★ Money
1990 15oz Great Tang Dynasty Vault Protector
★★★★ Religion
1990 5oz Eight Immortals Celebrating the Birthday od the God of Longevity, 1996 Luo Yang Poeny
★★★★ Foreign Expo
1984 Hong Kong Expo, 1985 5oz Hong Kong Expo, 1986 12oz Hong Kong Expo, 1997 Munich
★★★★ Finance
1982 15 gram 70 Anniversary of Bank of China, 2002 10oz 9th Annual Meeting of the International Committee of Money and Banking Museums (Shanghai Mint)
★★★☆ Money
1987 5oz Great Qing Dynasty Vault Protector
★★★☆ Religion
1987 God of Longevity (Shenyang Mint), 1989 5oz Guanyin, 1996 Guanyin (China Coins Limited)
★★★☆ Traditional Culture
3.3 tael Great Wall first release (matte)
★★★☆ Lunar
1985 15 gram Year of Ox ( Shanghai Mint,with the character“福”incused)
★★★☆ Foreign Expo
1988 97th ANA , 1988 5oz Hong Kong Expo, 1996 Munich International
★★★☆ Ancient Pagodas
1984 20 gram Ancient Pagodas medal set
★★★☆ Finance
1990 Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange
★★★☆ Animals
1990 20 gram Gold Fish medal set
★★★☆ Politics
1979 29 gram Sino-American Diplomatic Relation (National Arts&Crafts Corp), 1989 1st Anniversary of Hainan Province (Shenyang Mint )
★★★ Religion
1987 3.3 tael God of Longevity (mirror), 1989 5oz Guanyu, 1989 3.3 tael God of War and Wealth (with the character“福”incused), 1990 27 gram Fu Xing, Lu Xing, Shou Xing Xi Xing, 1995 Wen Shu Buddha
★★★ Traditional Culture
1999 5oz 2550 Anniversay of Confucius:Confucius and Mencius medal pair (Shanghai Mint)
★★★ Foreign Expo
1986 5oz 95th ANA , 1987 5oz Hong Kong Expo, 1987 5oz 96th ANA , 1987 5oz Long Beach Expo, 1988 5oz Munich, 1989 Hong Kong Expo, 1990 Munich, 1995 Munich
★★★ Arts
1979 Hong Kong Exhibition of Unearthed Cultural Relics medal set (National Arts&Crafts Corp)
★★★ Finance
1994 10 Anniversary of Shenyin Securities (Shanghai Mint)
★★★ Animals
1991 3.3 tael 10th Anniversary of Gold Panda Coins
★★★ Politics
1980 10 gram Hong Kong, Hangzhou and Shanghai Direct Flight medal pair F (National Arts&Crafts Corp), 1981 10 gram 70 Anniversary of 1911 Xinhai Revolution (National Arts&Crafts Corp), 1981 Lu Xun, 1990 15 gram Hong Kong SAR Flag and Emblem medal pair, 1994 100 gram 6th Anniversay of Hainan Province (Shenyang Mint )
★★☆ Foreign Expo
1991 Munich1992 Munich1993 Munich1994 Munich
★★ Money
1990 1oz Boayuan Vault Protector
★★ Religion
1993 100 gram God of Longevity ( Shanghai Mint,matte version), 1994 Four Sacred Mountains of Buddhism medal set (Shanghai Mint)
★★ Traditional Culture
10 gram Great Wall (National Arts&Crafts Corp), Blooming Flowers and Full Moon medal pair (Shanghai Mint), 1998   100 Anniversary of Beijing University (China Gold Coin Corp)
★★ Foreign Expo
1989 New York Expo
★★ Arts
1979 14 gram Hong Kong Exhbition of Chinese Painting medal pair (National Arts&Crafts Corp), 1993 3.3oz Ladies with Head-pinned Flowers (Shanghai Mint), 1994 Mei Lanfang medal pair, 1995 Mother’s Day, 1996 Mother’s Day
★★ Finance
1994 40 Anniversary of the Construction Bank (Shanghai Mint), 1994 1st Anniversary of Pudong Develpment Bank (Shanghai Mint), 1995 ICBC Shanghai Trust, 1995 Beijing Coin Expo (Shenyang Mint ), 1995 1st Anniversary of Shanghai Foreign Exchange Center (China Gold Coin Corp), 1995   5 Anniversary of Shanghai Stock Exchange (Shanghai Mint), 1996 Mao Zemin, 1997 1st Anniversary of Nanjing Municipal Cooperative Bank (Shenyang Mint ), 1997 10 Anniversary of Shanghai Finance Junior College (Shanghai Mint), 1998 90 Anniversary of Beijing Banknote Printing Factory (Shenzhen Mint), 1998 100 gram 15 Anniversary of the Shanghai Numismatic Society (Shanghai Mint), 2006 ICBC Public Offering in Hong Kong (Shenzhen Mint), 2008 100 Anniversary of Beijing Banknote Printing Factory
★★ Animals
1997 15 gram Unicorn Fortune and Longevity (Shenyang Mint )
★★ Sports
1979 15 gram 4th National Sports Games medal set, 1994 100 gram 15 World Cup Soccer Game (Shanghai Mint)
★★ Politics
1981 Lu Xun medal pair (National Arts&Crafts Corp), 1993 100 gram Zhou Enlai (Shanghai Mint), 1993 100 gram Mao Zedong ( Shanghai Mint,mirror variety), 1993 100 gram Lu Xun (Shanghai Mint), 1994 Achievements of the Special Economic Zone medal pair, 1994 Unity of All Nationalities (Shanghai Mint)
★ Religion
1998 Buddhism 2000 Five Big Buddha Statues medal set (Shanghai Mint)
★ Finance
1996 35 Anniversay of ICBC Shanghai Branch Office (Shanghai Mint), 1996 45 Anniversary of Rurual Credit Union (China Coins Limited), 1997 Shanghai Coins Expo (Shanghai Mint and Shenyang Mint), 1997 10 Anniversary of Communications Bank Shanghai Branch (Shenyang Mint )
★ Politics
1994 Chen Jiageng (Shanghai Mint), 1995 PLA medal set (Shanghai Mint)
Platinum and Palladium Medals
★★★★ Foreign Expo
1987 New York Expo Platinum, 1989 98th ANA Palladium
★★★☆ Foreign Expo
1988 New York Expo Palladium