Macau Grand Prix Coin Record Sales

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The popularity, interest and price rises continue to surge with Macau Grand Prix items. Most recently the rare Macau three coin Pattern Gold, Bronze with standard Silver set sold for Usd $13,200 including Buyer commissions. A similar set sold at auction only a few years ago for just over two thousand dollars.This set features two of the more rare Macau Grand Prix collectors coins. The Pattern Gold and Pattern Bronze each struck with minimal pieces issued.

This with the selling last year of the rather worn and scratched 1993 10,000 Patacas Macao Gold Grand Prix which sold for USD $13,500. The 5oz Gold is very seldom seen for sale in the market and it would be interesting to see a pristine coin come to the market and what records may be set.


The Macau/ Macao Grand Prix coins began with the initial issue of the first ever Macau proof coins in 1978. Struck in Gold, Silver and Copper-Nickel to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Macau Grand Prix races. Their eye catching design with the Grand Prix car in racing attracted investors and collectors from the start. Coins were again issued to celebrate the 35th Anniversary in 1988, 1993 (40th Ann.), 2003 (50th Ann.), 2014 and the most recent issue of the 2015 Macau Numismatic Society coin show Grand Prix/Panda.

Many if not most of these Macau Grand Prix items are scarce or rare and with the ever increasing growth of the region along with the interest in the famous Macau Gran Prix races. It is likely the investor and collectors interest will continue as may prices!